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Author Topic: Roam Newbro roam on SATURDAY Dec, 16th @ 20:00  (Read 269 times)

Newbro roam on SATURDAY Dec, 16th @ 20:00
« on: December 15, 2017, 12:42:04 AM »
Saturday, Dec. 16th @ 20:00  FREE SHIPS

Howdy all!

I am thrilled to announce Affirmative and Redemption Road's next NewBro New Player Roam, a monthly public roam specifically designed with new players in mind!  This will be a frigate roam, with all ships supplied free-of-charge to those who attend.  It will start out slow, with lots of explanations about everything we do from the moment we undock, travel through highsec into lowsec, then into nullsec. There will be lots of hand-holding at first, but within no time at all, we'll be exploding everything in our path!

The roam is designed for players from one day old through three months, although older players are more than welcome to join the roam, fly our support ships, answer questions in fleet chat, and enjoy the awe and excitement of our NewBros as we guide them into their first fights.  All ships are Alpha Clone friendly!

Our next NewBro New Player Roam is SATURDAY December 17th 2017 @ 20:00 out of BERTA.  We run a NewBro roam every month, so if you miss this one, you can catch it next month! We also run roams every Sunday that new players and alpha clones are welcome on, but those roams don't have much hand-holding!  This roam will last between 3 and 4 hours, depending upon how many fights we find and how often we have to reship :)

WHERE:  Berta VI - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau
You should be in BERTA at least 15 minutes before the roam starts.  There is only one station there.  We'll actually start sending fleet invites and handing out ships to our new and not-so-new pilots 15-30 minutes before the roam starts.

For our NewBro roams, we fly an alpha and new player friendly armor frigate doctrine, using mostly T1-fit Crucifier, Executioner, and Navitas ships. ALL SHIPS ARE SUPPLIED FREE OF CHARGE to all who attend the roam!  Just show up, you don't need a ship, we'll be giving you one!

All the dps and tackle ships need less than a day of training time to fly as fit, and if you're not able to fly it exactly as fit, let us know and we'll get you sorted with a different fit.  These are designed to be very simple yet effective for even the newest of pilots to fly.  For those of you with more experience, we'll ask you to fly our logi ships to support the fleet, which are also already fit out and ready for you to enjoy!

Thanks to the recent ALPHA update they can now fly frigs from all races.  That said if you cannot learn the skills in time, or want to bring your own ship please use the fits below as a guide.
DPS should have a MWD and op range of 10-15km
Ewar should have an op range of 70+km (DPS very short)
Logi armor
Interceptors are always welcome

Crucifier - Ewar
Executioner - DPS
Navitas - LOGI

Fits shown are for training purposes only, actual fit may very.
Because we all love new players, especially those who want to make explosions! 

Greygal is FC! Naked clones HIGHLY recommended!  Seriously, you want to be in a cheap or naked clone.  I am well known for my love of new players, and almost as well known for my love of throwing the fleet at big fleets just to kill one ship!

1. Set up Teamspeak for voice communication:
We use Affirmative's Teamspeak server for voice communication throughout the roam.  You don't need a working microphone, but you do need to be able to hear us. 
Password:  YES!

2. Join the in-game channel: Redemption Road
All fleet requests will be handled through the  Redemption Road public chat channel. 

3. Set your medical clone to BERTA.

4. To get your free ship dock in Berta VI - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau .  Join fleet once it's up.  Follow the instrustions in the fleet MOTD.


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