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Author Topic: Roam Shield Dessi Roam  (Read 134 times)

Shield Dessi Roam
« on: September 22, 2017, 09:50:39 PM »
Sunday Sinners: Shield Dessies Free Public Roam Sunday. Sept 24th  @ 20:00 out of BERTA
From: Greygal
Sent: 2017.09.22 19:47

Sunday Sinners: Shield Destroyers
WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 24th at 20:00 Eve time
WHERE: Berta VI - Moon 19 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau
THEME: Take the shield dessies to the explosions
FC: Greygal is FC today! Naked clones HIGHLY recommended!
SHIPS: Shield Dessies!Grab your favorite T1/T2/T3 destroyer! Fit for mid-range dps. Fit for shield tank. MWD highly preferred. Alpha clones welcome! If you can't fly a dessie, fly any frigate of your choice. Shield logi frigates highly desired.
As always, skirmishers/scouts and bubblers are beloved!
GENERAL FITTING GUIDELINES:Maximum hull size is destroyer. Please don't fly a hull larger than a destroyer.Preferred prop mod: MicrowarpdriveTank: ShieldLogi worshiped!Skirmishers adored!Ewar welcome!Bubblers beloved!Blinks desired!
VOICE COMS: TeamspeakServer: ts.affirmativealliance.comPassword: YES!
In-Game Channel: Fleet invites are handled through the Redemption Road public chat channel.
In-Game Mailing List: REDEMPTION ROAMS
HOW CAN I HELP?Show up! Spread the word! Want to guest FC a future roam or got a roam or other event idea? Let Greygal know! And, of course, prize donations always welcome, too :)
COST:Free, of course!


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